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Author: vot
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[Info] Emlog repository changes

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 Author| Post time: 2014-6-26 10:21
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Official Emlog News slightly translated (online)

Database Fields Expanded

Fixed the select width

Russian language cloned from the English one

Config.sample unified. Version number added into the footer.


 Author| Post time: 2014-8-14 10:49
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Playing with translation...

New function "emdate()" added

Small language fix

Repair database backup safety hazards that may exist

Wrap RSS logo into <li> element.
The sidebar is a <ul> element, and the RSS logo was not wrapped inside a <li> element (but a <div>). This breaks the (X)HTML standard and doesn't pass the validator.
The patch adds a <li> element while trying to keep the looking unchanged. Another way to fix it could be changing <div> to <li>.

Fix the position of closing tag </li>
This closing tag was missing, then introduced in 91de91ede36c0fa4c9ddbc5961aa0e795f7b9dbb, but to a wrong position. In this way, only a category *with* children cats will have this tag.
The patch fixes this problem.

Optimize the installation script

Fix a problem with the post bypass audit in mobile version

update to v.5.3.1

Fixes a problem with the save failure when edit page with modified template

Fix problem: superfluous newline appears when edit a post in mobile version

Removed the default favicon.ico

Preparing to version 6 (+Bootstrap)

Removed EMLOG_VERSION from config. Get EMLOG_VERSION from the Option class.

Fix: show EMLOG_VERSION in the footer

The language key 'more_info' uncommented.


 Author| Post time: 2014-9-20 19:42
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Button background add_bg.gif replaced with CSS3

Removed obsolete "add_bg.gif" background image.

Fix: CSS for "install plugin" button:active

Add a password reset tool

Set default number of RSS items to 10

Added CSS Rule: "word-wrap:break-word" to #contentleft

Added a language direction definition: EMLOG_LANGUAGE_DIR


 Author| Post time: 2014-9-21 11:25
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Fix invalid SQL in install query.

Fixed "1 minute installation" section in readme.html


 Author| Post time: 2014-9-21 11:44
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Install: auto create config.php


 Author| Post time: 2014-9-22 07:07
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Fixed CSS for the Tag input label

Fixed translation for Admin menu item "Backup"


 Author| Post time: 2014-9-22 19:40
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Added load_language('twitter')

Renamed lang_m to lang_mobile


 Author| Post time: 2014-9-23 15:44
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Fix for lang/ru/ lang_install & lang_rss


 Author| Post time: 2014-9-25 17:35
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'widget_category' key changed to 'widgets_order_save'

Obsolete plugin-interface.js (77K) replaced with "HTML5/jQuery sortable plugin" (3K).
Used to reorder widgets in the sidebar by drag-n-drop.

The button "Save widget order" width enlarged


 Author| Post time: 2014-9-26 15:36
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Fixed UTF-8 and RewriteBase in .htaccess.sample file

Removed not required span class="ico16" from admin menu

Added all the icons into the admin menu

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