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What are you thinking about of Discuz! Q?

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Post time: 2020-10-05 11:58
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Discuz! Q development since January 2020, support only mobile mode.

Now, Discuz! Q Beta v2.0.201001. It's support PC mode (Beta)

Do you think it can be multilingual? (like Discuz ML!)

and how to translate to another language?

I think Discuz! Q development from Nuxt.js?

How to try Discuz! Q
- Go to
- Click "一键试用", show URL and Admin account for test.

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Post time: 2020-10-07 13:44
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Discuz!Q is NOT a further development of Discuz!X, but it is an absolutely new product!
The engine is focused primarily on mobile devices.
The visual interface for the client is very similar to the instant messenger (like a chat).

It is built on a completely different platform, so-called HeadLess CMS.
The server side is based on the Laravel PHP framework, and the client side is based on Vue.js.
The client and the server communicate each with other through the JSON API.
The only thing that brings it closer to Discuz!X is the ability to use UCenter to authenticate local users.

The main feature of the new product Discuz!Q is a very deep integration with the Chinese social network WeChat.
Without this integration, Discuz!Q engine is NOT INTERESTING outside of China.

What about personally me, I don't see any point in translating it into other languages.


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Post time: 2022-11-13 20:27
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Edited by Cimmerian at 2022-11-14 13:38

Hi, guys.
I'm well aware I'm late to this train, but anyway, maybe it would be interesting to somebody.
Well, as I see, all Discuz-related communities, but CodersClub are history now.
As for me, I came across latest version of Discuz Q recently, and I think I would relaunch on this platform.
Actually, when Discuz moved to their new cloud platform, I had some thoughts on rewriting the code in Laravel. And now they did it themselves!
I must say, the code is vastly commented, and neat.
It looks very promising to me, as now it is following well developed international standards.
And as I'm a Laravel pro, it looks like working with Discuz Q would be a charm.
As for ML, it's Laravel, so no problem to i18n and l13n it at all!
Unfortunately, Discuz follows Chinese tradition of not using i18n and putting all language constants right in the place where they live. It's a pity, but I can live with it.
Let's see how it develops.
I'm sure I won't do ML right away, probably there will be English version and Russian version, maybe something else. ANd somewhere in the future I would probably combine it all in one.
But that is if I carry on with it.
Any comments and opinions?
Would be nice to hear.


Post time: 2022-11-15 13:47
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I believe that the multilingual version of Discuz! Q is very interesting and may well be in demand.
However, it would be advisable to think over the mechanisms of monetization and collective development in advance.
Otherwise, the future fate of this product will be as bleak as Discuz!ML
Post time: 2022-11-17 12:47
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vot 2022-11-15 13:47
I believe that the multilingual version of Discuz! Q is very interesting and may well be in demand.

It's Descuz responsibility.

Utilizing Laravel/Vue/React they have already standardized development in a way (added their own salt, couldn't go without it ), so mutual development is not a problem codewise, and depends on sharing the code by the author company.
making it i18n is not a problem as well, but it will obviously be a fork, as Chinese colleagues traditionally don't implement it, and rather put language constants right where they are use rather then language files.
But making such a fork and making ANY adjustments is a snap now, due to the more standardised technologies.
So as I see it - obviously fork going its own way, and comparing versions along the way when new Chinese releases become aailable. Merging shouldn't be a problem, I believe.
Right now I've got some issues with compiling JS for production due to many reasons, including Chinese own codebase from Tashend, etc. It just doen't work. And codebase is huge, so refining configuration for propper compiling will take some time (including adjustments to the packages versions).
Right now I have it working in my local environment half-English and half-Chinese.


Post time: 2022-11-19 19:02
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After 14 years of working with Chinese engines, I became disillusioned with the support for modified forks.
IMHO, it will be more promising to create and promote YOUR OWN product.
Post time: 2022-11-23 13:44
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vot 2022-11-19 19:02
After 14 years of working with Chinese engines, I became disillusioned with the support for modified ...

It depends.

By forking I mean initial source - I'm not writing my own, rather starting from Discuz Q.
And it looks like there will be a lot of changes along the way, so that's true - it will become separate own production pretty fast.
At the same time, knowing the process - how it becase what it is - it probably will be possible to incorporate further Discuz updates when they are out. Or maybe not, or overwhelming. Only the future will prove.
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